- One-stop professional interlingual communication, both from English to German and German to English,
focusing on high quality and reliability. Sound linguistic proficiency and specialised background knowledge warrant good translations.

- Long-standing experience in translating, transcripts, analysis, interpreting and language tuition
- Intercultural competence whilst dealing with international clients from different cultures:
apart from communicating between countries and overcoming language barriers, translating also is cultural transfer
and thus more than merely putting words into a different language.
Same as in text-writing composition, creativity and choosing the right words, as well as coming up with ideas for amendments or changes are essential.

- Professional networking facilitates cooperation with competent colleagues from other languages and specialisations when needed.

Specialised areas of translation:
Needlework & Creativity
Humanities, Education
Tourism, Hotel- und Catering, Restaurants/ Menus
Film & TV, Scripts, Fiction
Clothing & Fashion, Cooking
Market Research, Marketing, Media, Retail
Law, Medicine, Pharmaceutics
Health Care, Nutrition
General Texts & Correspondence
Brochures & Presentations
Application Papers
Documents/ Certificates / Diplomas/ Reports/ Certified Translations

Community Interpreting

Guided Tours in English

Language Tuition
in English and German
Language Tuition & Conversation
Acquiring, extending & reinforcing language skills

Adults, teenagers & children
Professionals & non-professionals
Courses and Workshops • One-to-one-lessons and tuition in small groups • Long-term-, Short-term-, One-day- & Intensive Courses

Assistance with preparing for Exams (e.g. school tests, GCSEs/ A-levels/ Cambridge Certificate, etc.)